European Union Projects were established by the European Union to increase the number of coordinated actions. Apart from economy and politics, it focuses on social, cultural, technological, health and educational development.

Akula Tourism manages meetings and events within the scope of EU Projects. Services provided at EU Projects events

  • Planning from the beginning of the event to the finest details and service in accordance with the program
  • Arrangements from A to Z in congress, seminar and meeting organizations by our expert staff
  • Forming a team of experts for each event
  • Assignment of tasks in line with the services required by the event and carrying out the work in this direction
  • Provision of accommodation
  • Provision of airline tickets
  • Provision of an organization location
  • Provision of technical equipment and team
  • Providing simultaneous interpreters and equipment
  • Airport, venue, airport transfers
  • City tours (half day, full day), gala cocktails, dinners and special events
  • Creating the theme for the event, designing and printing visual and written documents
  • Design and preparation of posters, banners
  • Design and development of the event web page
  • Reporting and invoicing as per VAT Exemption Legislation