AKULA Tourism Travel Agency has been established by Onur Taner and Anıl Taner in 1997 under Antan Turizm Mühendislik İnşaat Ltd. Company.
    AKULA Tourism Travel Agency has been a member of IATA since 2005.
    Onur Taner is graduated from TED Ankara College and then he completed his undergraduate education at Bilkent University Tourism and Hotel Management Department. Then, he got his MBA degree at Strathclyde University Business School, Scotland.
    Anıl Taner is also graduated from TED Ankara College and he completed his undergraduate education at Bilkent University Business Administration Department.
    AKULA Tourism targets to serve its clients in booking flight tickets, hotel reservations, visa consulting services, car rent and airport transfers, logistical support for training programs especially for energy sector, organizing congress and seminars.
    AKULA Tourism keeps its experienced, ambitious and dynamic structure with its target of professionalism and outstanding service understanding, cultural background and staff having professional ethics which are absolute necessities of this sector.
    AKULA Tourism has been growing consistently and safely and it has been taking safe and firm steps forward with your support since its establishment.
    We have desire to meet your needs about all the services provided completely and serve you in all areas...
    We expect from you to trust us on all and to assign us for all services you need.
    Best Regards,
    AKULA Tourism Family

    -Member of IATA since 2005 IATA No: 88212740
    -IATA certified experienced staff
    -Having advantageous flights with both all national airlines and private airlines
    -Most efficient reservation systems with Amadeus, Troya and Galileo Programs
    -Seat selection and on-line check in
    -7/24 Customer Services
    -Charter flights
    -Special Advantage with Corporate Club Membership between Airlines and companies
    -Advantageous Mil Membership Programs
    -First Class, Business Class Flights
    -More than one alternatives flight programs available for your targeted travels
    -Economic price advantages for your targeted travels
    -Private membership alternatives for our customers travelling often
    -Special Opportunities for all our customers to benefit from advantageous flights from all airlines .
    -Access to around 250.000 hotel in a very short time throughout the world.
    -7/24 Customer Services
    -Support services such as cancellation/change following etc. after reservation
    -Realization of immediate reservation and sale transactions with quick access to hotels
    -Various alternatives for individual or group reservations of our customers
    -Economic price advantages appropriate for your travel aims
    -Wide range of product portfolio to meet your needs such as abroad and domestic work, health, congress, etc.
    -Holiday pleasure through domestic and abroad alternatives
    -Quality and trust
    -Products and services for your travel needs
    -Special domestic or abroad tours in line with individual or group requests
    -Economic alternatives prepared by our specialized team
    -Sea, sun, sand.
    -Provision of vehicles appropriate for need in Turkey and abroad with options with or without driver, at economic class or luxury class.
    -Customer representatives reachable 7/24
    -GPS equipped vehicles
    -Comfortable and economic transfer from address to airport and from airport to address.
    -Online tracking of vehicles during transfer
    -Specialized staff having safe driving
    -Advanced driving
    -Off-road and on-road driving
    -Anti-ski driving techniques certificates
    -Drivers having SRC and Psycho-technique certificates.
    -Provision of visa from related countries for institutional or individual clients, specialized consulting services.
    -Initiation and follow-up of visa procedures by making necessary appointments from embassies.
    -Preparation of necessary documents for visa application
    -Follow-up of process after provision of necessary documents and application.
    -Issuing travel insurance
    -Consulting services for getting visa for foreign citizens living in Turkey
    - B2B Meeting organizations.
    - Front delegation orgnizations.
    - Flight ticket service, private jet renting service, - -
    - Special pricing on charter flights
    - Airport pickup services & meeting on the airport.
    - Accomodation services
    - Procurement of the Fair Tickets
    - Support and consultancy to KOSGEB
    - Setup information desks and secreterial service
    - Host, hostess, translator and guide services
    - Catering services
    -Programming activity in a detailed way from beginning to end by our professional team and service in accordance with the program
    -Realization of all arrangement from a to z by specialized staff during congress, seminar and meeting organizations
    -Establishment of specialized team for each activity
    -Duty distribution according to services required by the activity and realization of activities in this direction
    -Provision of accommodation
    -Provision of flight ticket
    -Provision of place for the organization
    -Provision of technical equipment and team
    -Provision of simultaneous translation and equipment
    -Transfers between airport, venue ,airport
    -City tours (half day, full day), gala cocktail parties, dinner and special organizations
    -Establishment of theme to be used during activity, design and publish of visual and written documents
    -Design and preparation of banners and posters
    -Design and establishment of web page of the activity
    -Looking for sponsors for the activity if requested
    - Meetings, seminars, workshops, conference related with the EU Projects
    - Budgeting
    - Hotel Reservations
    - Airport pickups
    - Airline ticketing
    - Study visits.
    - Visibility rules.
    - Reporting documents after the event
    - Invoicing regarding the VAT exemption procedures.

    As Akula Tourism we organised many events since 1997 . Qualified service and customer satisfaction was our main goal as always.

    • Sonangol, Cost System Course
      20-26 December 2013 Nippon Hotel, Istanbul

    • Lukoil,Polution Control Basics of Environment Course
      1-20 Aralık 2013 Radisson Pera-Kadir Has Üniversitesi, Istanbul

    • Sonangol,Negotiation and Contracting Course
      16-20 Kasım 2013, Limak Euroassia, Istanbul

    • Sonangol, Preparing Balance For Investment Projects Course
      16-20 Kasım 2013, Limak Euroassia,Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Entitlement Course
      28 Eylül - 12 Ekim 2013, Titanic Port Hotel, Istanbul

    • Gazprom,Environmental Impact Course
      28 Eylül - 12 Ekim 2013, Titanic Port Hotel, Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Fire Fighting Course
      28 Eylül -12 Ekim 2013, Wyndham Petek Hotel, Istanbul

    • Gazprom,Operation and Maintenance of Hot Taping Machine Course
      31 Ağustos-14 Eylül 2013, Titanic Port Hotel, Istanbul

    • Gazprom, External Purchasing Course
      11 Mayıs-24 Mayıs 2013,Limak Euroasia Hotel, Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Visual Basic Course
      11 Mayıs-24 Mayıs 2013, Limak Euroasia Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Quality Management Course
      16 Şubat-02 Mart 2013, Nippon Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Financial Tax In Contracting Course
      16 Şubat -02 Mart 2013, Nippon Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom,Financial Tax Course
      16-28 Şubat 2013 Nippon Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Directional and Horizontal Well Drilling Course
      12-26 Ocak 2013 Nippon Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom,Testing and Calibration Course
      15-28 Aralık 2012, Nippon Hotel,Istanbul

    • Gazprom, Integrated Maintenance Planning
      03-17 Kasım 2012, Elite World Hotel, Istanbul

    • Petrochina,Oil and Gas Metering Course
      10-24 Kasım 2012, Limak Hotel,Istanbul

    • Petrochina, Design of Pipelines Course
      06-20 Ekim 2012, Limak Hotel, Istanbul

    • Sonangol, Welding Technologies Course
      07-11 Temmuz 2012, Limak Hotel,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger, Oil Supply Shipping and Trading Course
      23 Haziran-01 Temmuz 2012, Point Hotel,Istanbul

    • Sonangol, Remote Measurement Course
      23-27 Haziran 2012, Limak Hotel,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger, Oil and Gas Production Simulation Course
      16 Haziran-01 Temmuz 2012, Crowne Plaza Harbiye,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger,Reservoir Modelling and Similation Course"
      12-20 Mayıs 2012, Nippon Hotel, Istanbul

    • Schlumberger,Petrophysics and Core Analysis Course
      12-27 Mayıs 2012, Nippon Hotel, Istanbul

    • Sonangol, Thermal Insulation Course
      15-19 Nisan 2012, Doubletree Hilton,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger, Awico Alliance Istanbul Workshop
      14-17 Nisan 2012, Crowne Plaza,Istanbul

    • Sonangol, Reservoir Modelling and Simulation Workshop
      19-23 Şubat 2012, Crowne Plaza,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger, Petro Modeling Workshop
      23-30 Ekim 2011, Hilton Istanbul

    • Schlumberger,Study Centre Workshop
      04-11 EKim 2011, Conrad Istanbuk

    • Schlumberger, Kick Of Meeting
      20-24 Temmuz 2011 Hilton,Istanbul

    • Schlumberger, SIS Meeting
      26-30 Haziran, Conrad International, Istanbul

    • Schlumberger DWOP Meeting
      20-23 Şubat 2011 Hilton Parksa,Istanbul

    • ABİGEM İnovasyon Çalıştayı, ABİGEM Lot 2
      31 Mayıs 2010, Rİxos Otel, Ankara

    • ABİGEM Uluslararası KÖBİ Konferansı ve Kapanış Etkinliği TOBB
      03-04 Mayıs 2010,TOBB Ekonomi ve Teknoloji Üniversitesi,Ankara

    • Tarım Makineleri Kümesi Çalıştayı,ABİGEM,Adana
      15 Nisan 2010, Seyhan Otel, Adana

    • Süt Ürünleri Kümesi Çalıştayı,ABİGEM,Trabzon
      10 Aralık 2009, Novotel, Trabzon

    • ABİGEM Uluslararası KOBİ Konferansı, Aralık 2009
      07-08 Aralık 2009,TOBB,Steinbeiss ABİGEM Lot 2, Sehraton Otel ve Kongre Merkezi, Ankara

    • İspanya Eğitim Gezisi, Kasım 2009
      15-21 Kasım 2009, Euromed-ABİGEM Lot1

    • II.Uluslararası Karadeniz Bölgesi Jeoloji Sempozyumu,Ekim 2009
      05-09 Ekim 2009, TMOBB Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası, MTA , Ankara

    • Kazakistan Eğitim Gezisi, Eylül 2009
      05-09 Eylül 2009, Sivil Savunma Genel Müdürlüğü

    • Birleşik Krallık-İrlanda Eğitim Gezisi,Ağustos-Eylül 2009
      30 Ağustos-05 Eylül 2009, Euromed-ABİGEM Lot1

    • Hollanda - Belçika Eğitim Gezisi, Temmuz 2009
      13-17 Temmuz 2009, Deleuuw International

    • İspanya Eğitim Gezisi, Haziran-Temmuz 2009
      28 Haziran-02 Temmuz 2009, Deleuuw International

    • Macaristan Eğitim Gezisi, Haziran 2009
      25-29 Haziran 2009, Euromed-ABİGEM Lot1

    • Macaristan Eğitim Gezisi, Haziran 2009
      15-19 Haziran 2009, Euromed-ABİGEM Lot1

    • Türkiye'de Kümelenme Politikasının Geliştirilmesi Projesi Değerlendirme Toplantısı, Şubat 2009
      19 Şubat 2009, Lİmak Ambassadore Otel, Ankara

    • Türkiye'de Kümelenme Politikasının Geliştirilmesi Projesi Toplantısı, Aralık 2008
      05 Aralık 2008, Ankara Makine Kümesi Çalışma Grubu, Otel Monec, Ankara

    • Türkiye'de Kümelenme Politikasının Geliştirilmesi Projesi Toplantısı, Kasım 2008
      28 Kasım 2008, Ankara Makine Kümesi Çalışma Grubu, Monec Otel, Ankara

    • Türkiye'de Kümelenme Politikasının Geliştirilmesi Projesi Değerlendirme Toplantısı, Kasım 2008
      18 Kasım 2008, Limak Ambassadore Otel, Ankara

    • Türkiye'de Kümelenme Politikasının Geliştirilmesi Projesi Değerlendirme Toplantısı, Ekim 2008
      07 Ekim 2008, Limak Ambassadore Otel, Ankara

    • 61.Jeoloji Kurultayı, Mart 2008
      24-27 Mart 2008, TMMOB Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası, MTA, Ankara

    • 60.Jeoloji Kurultayı, Nisan 2007
      16-20 Nisan 2007, TMOBB Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası, MTA, Ankara

    • Kümelenme Konferansı 06, Mayıs 2006
      25-26 Mayıs 2006, The Marmara Oteli, İstanbul (Anıl Taner uzman olarak görev almıştır)

    • III Uluslararası İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Bölgesel Konferansı, Ekim 2003
      13-15 Ekim 2003, Milli Kütüphane,Ankara

    • II Uluslararası İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği Bölgesel Konferansı, Ekim 2002
      09-11 Ekim 2002, Milli Kütüphane, Ankara

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